Bentley Lodge Goulburn


102 Clyde Street, Goulburn Australia

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From $105.00


Hotel Features

    Hotel Rooms

    • Twin Room
      From $150.00

      There is one room available that offers twin share accommodation.

    • Drive Your Dream Package
      From $385.00

      The Classic Experience offers the use of a BLG Sportscar to enjoy a country motoring experience. Choose a 1947 MGTC, 1972 Mercedes 350SL or 1960s style Lotus 7 Replica. The package also includes a gourmet picnic, one night accommodation, dinner and breakfast for two people.

    • Double Room
      From $105.00

      The Double Rooms provide a double bed for a comfortable stay. There are three double rooms available.

    • Family Room
      From $195.00

      There are two Family Rooms available, each with one queen bed and two single beds. Large elegantly decorated rooms offering garden outlooks and a private entrance.

    • Queen Room
      From $105.00

      Large elegantly decorated rooms offering queen beds and garden outlooks. Located within main house, there are two Queen Rooms available.

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