Australia Day 2012 – January 26

January 26 is the official national day of Australia, an official public holiday and eagerly celebrated with literally thousands of events all around the country. Check out our guide to Australia Day events and get involved.

More than half the population will take part in Australia Day activities and the Australian Flag will be furiously waved to demonstrate our national pride.

Whether you spend the day attending organised community events or enjoying the day with family and friends, make this Australia Day a memorable one.

C’mon Aussie!


Things to do on Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January every year. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the essence of being Australian and recognition of the country’s rich history of immigration, national diversity, and cultural development. The day is also popular for welcoming new Australians into our society with citizenship ceremonies and it’s a day to recognise the achievements and contributions of eminent Australians through the ‘Australian of the Year Award’ program. Many Aussies celebrate the day outdoors in a variety of uniquely Australian activities that reflect the rich traditions of the country.


Aussie Day Barbie & Cricket match

The Australia Day BBQ is always a popular option, so gather family members and friends and fire up a Barbie. Sit back and take in the smells and sounds of sizzling snags and steaks, prawns or lamb chops and enjoy lazy lunch out in the sun. If you have a big backyard or set up in a park you can bring the cricket set and get everyone involved in a game to while away the afternoon.


Australia Day At The Beach

If the weather is good what could be better than a day at the beach? You will find most people who live near the coast at the beach having fun with family and friends. There will be big crowds and plenty of activities but bring few accessories for some group games like a touch footy game or beach cricket! There are usually beach concerts and a host of other live events at the beach on the day too so check out what’s on in your area.


Find a Festival

Almost everywhere has some Australia Day community events to attend from parades and flag raising ceremonies to Music festivals and Fireworks displays in the larger cities. Gather up your friends and get amongst it!  Many of the events are free to attend too… Check out our events page and search for what’s on near you for ideas and there will be many more so check your local notice boards.


Have A Picnic

If you prefer to get away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet day with a small group, Australia Day can be enjoyed in a National Park or picnic area where you can celebrate the natural beauty and open spaces that make Australia such a great place to call home. Take a walk and make time to discover something uniquely Australian. We are so lucky to be here in this amazing country.


Wave the Flag!

The Australian flag will dominate every available space to celebrate our Aussie national pride. Stick one on your car, or wear one on your t-shirt, or have it painted on your face to express your pride as an Australian.

It does not matter how you choose to spend the day. What counts is the spirit of being Australian and how you express it. Today, Australia Day is not so much about an anniversary as it is a celebration of our cultural personality. Whatever you do have a great Australia Day!


Events by State – Official Program

For the official program of events published by  The National Australia Day Council visit their website.

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