Burrinjuck Dam

The first major dam built for irrigation in New South Wales was Burrinjuck Dam. It is situated in the upper catchment of the Murrumbidgee River, approximately 60 kilometres from Yass. The name Burrinjuck comes from the Aboriginal words “Booren Yiack”, meaning “Precipitous Mountain”.

Construction started in 1907, but due to delays caused by the shortage of labour and materials during World War 1, the original design was not completed until 20 years later, although it was able to provide water for irrigation in 1912.

Burrinjuck Dam was the first major dam built for irrigation in NSW and when construction began in 1907, it was the fourth largest dam in the world.

Holding capacity: 1,025,000 million megalitres, (almost half the volume of water in Sydney Harbour).

Catchment area: 13,953 square kilometres, larger than the catchment area of the whole of the Snowy Mountains.

Burrinjuck Dam Australia

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