Just 10 minutes north of Stanthorpe on the New England Highway, or via the ‘Fruit Run’ Granite Tourist Drive, is the hamlets of Applethorpe – home of the “orchardist”.

Applethorpe was originally named Roessler, however this German title was changed to appease post WW1 sensitivities and as the new name denotes, this area is literally an apple village. For generations Applethorpe has produced virtually 100 per cent of all apples in Queensland. It was in Applethorpe that the first public cold store and packing house was established in 1945 with a capacity to store 20,000 cases.

It is a worthwhile trip to leave the highway and drive along the ‘Fruit Run’, remembering that best results for purchasing local fruits naturally enough is seasonal.

Applethorpe Australia

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