Tedeschi and Cooper: Classics, Gypsy and Jazz (Winton)

What do you get when you send two virtuosic musicians on a whirlwind tour across Queensland in a light plane, armed with only a keyboard, a fiddle and a sense of humour? Tedeschi and Cooper, that’s what! Simon Tedeschi (piano) and Ian Cooper (violin) are two of the finest classical musicians Australia has to offer. [...]

Outback Festival

The Outback Festival, held biennially in Winton Queensland, is a unique and highly successful celebration of all things Australian, and is a shining example of the spirit of the Outback. Named one of the top 100 ‘Things to do in Australia before you die’ by the Australian Traveller’s Magazine. The event showcases the very best [...]

North Gregory Hotel

The North Gregory Hotel prides itself on providing warm and welcoming accommodation to the discerning traveller and has been the focal point for locals and for travellers since the original hotel was first opened in 1879. The North Gregory Hotel is more than just a hotel, it is a part of many significant moments in [...]

Winton Camel Races – Western Queensland Camel Festival

The Winton Camel Races is part of the Western Queensland Camel Festival and is held on the last Saturday of July each year. 15 jam packed hours of fun, laughs and entertainment. An eight races program of elite camels and cameleers, watch as these unpredictable yet magnificent ships of the desert battle their way down [...]

Time for Change: Watercolour and Mixed Media workshop with John Lovett

The Outback Regional Gallery will host a two day workshop with John Lovett (Judge of The John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show 2012). The workshop will be held at the Winton Creative Arts Centre located in Vindex Street, Winton. For more information and entry forms please visit the Waltzing Matilda Centre website. John Lovett [...]

Wintons Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum

Bring the whole family along and take a nostalgic trip into transport history by visiting Winton’s Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum. The museum features historic trucks, vehicles and machinery as well as photographic and transport memorabilia. It’s a fun and educational day out for the whole family to enjoy.

The Outback Way

The Outback Way extends 2,750 kilometres from Laverton, Western Australia to Winton, Queensland via central Australia. As a self-drive route it passes through central Australia’s deserts, Ayers Rock, The Olga’s, Alice Springs and a host of fascinating places of interest. The Outback Way is made up of seven inter-connecting roads including The Great Central Road [...]

Winton – Boulia Via Diamantina National Park Journey

The landscape and scenery on the Winton – Boulia via Diamantina National Park journey will leave you awestruck. A challenging journey, this relatively isolated route will require the driver to be well prepared as there are no fuel or food facilities. Travel via Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways, Old Cork, Springvale and Coorabulka. Covering 507,000 hectares, [...]

Dinosaurs and Opals Four Wheel Drive Track

Take a piece of Queensland with you when you fossick for boulder opals (permit required). Stay the night at the bush park and enjoy the night sky without interruption on the Dinosaurs and Opals Four Wheel Drive Track. Travel to Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways and discover a landscape of red earth, spinifex and jump-up (mesa) [...]

Bladensburg National Park – Scrammie Gorge

This unbelievable raw country at Bladensburg National Park – Scrammie Gorge is not to be missed. Historically, the homestead is one of the best depictions of life as it was in the pioneer days. Travel to the end of the Park through Mitchell Grass downs and claypans until the jump-up country where gidyea trees are [...]

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