Grab a map from the caravan park and get walking to discover Gladstone’s fine old sandstone homes and commercial buildings. A town highlight is the Southern Flinders Discovery Centre, offering insights into the region, local produce tastings and guided town walks.

Don’t miss the Gladstone Gaol, a heritage-listed building that has also served as an internment camp, a barracks and even a film set. The gaol was in official use until 1975. Day tours are available.

Gladstone High School hosts wine tastings and tours as part of the students’ viticulture program. And active visitors can hire a mountain bike from the Gladstone Caravan Park to explore the back roads.

For drinks of the non-alcoholic variety, you can’t go past Trend Drinks, makers of the FC Grubb product range. They have been making their delicious range of refreshing soft drinks and cordials in Gladstone for over 100 years. You can call at their factory door for tastings and sales from 10am to 4pm weekdays.

The early pastoral lease Booyoolie Run purchased in 1851 established the pastoral and grazing pursuits of the district, which still form the backbone of the area today. The enormous grain storage silos holding 82,500 tonnes are the largest inland grain storage facilities in South Australia.

An important railway centre for many years, the Gladstone railway yards will hold the train enthusiast’s attention as one of the world’s few junction points of the three different gauges – narrow, standard and broad, all laid together in one siding.

Gladstone Australia

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