• Blaxland is a thriving village in the lower mountains. Originally called Wascoe Siding, the town was renamed Blaxland in 1914 after Gregory Blaxland. The 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains was the expedition led by Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth, which became the first successful crossing of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales by European settlers. Visit the historic Lennox Bridge, the oldest bridge on the Australian mainland, and admire the stone masonry skills of the early convicts. Construction began in 1832 with stone quarried from 500 metres up the gully. The Wascoe Siding Miniature Railway

  • Montes Pizzeria Restaurant
    Montes Pizzeria Restaurant

    Monte's Pizzeria is a locally famed Italian Restaurant situated in the picturesque Blue Mountains. Known

  • Nanas Teddies and Toys
    Nanas Teddies and Toys

    Nana's Teddies and Toys is Australia's largest speciality teddy bear mega store with over 15,000

  • Lorikeet Cottage
    Lorikeet Cottage

    Lorikeet Cottage is a fully self-contained mountains cottage close to the World Heritage National Park

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