Lord Howe Island

  • Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed paradise located 660 kilometres off the north coast of New South Wales and less than two hours' flight from Brisbane or Sydney. At any one time, you'll be one of only 400 visitors on Lord Howe Island. Relaxed and unhurried, this island is best explored on bicycle or foot. World Heritage listed for its outstanding natural beauty, remarkable geology and rare collection of birds, plants and marine life, Lord Howe is surrounded by the world's southernmost coral reef. The pristine waters form Lord Howe Island Marine Park, one of the largest in New

  • Banyan Apartments
    Banyan Apartments

    A haven of peace and calm. The legendary Banyan Tree is, in ancient cultures, the

  • Capella Lodge
    Capella Lodge

    Capella Lodge is Lord Howe Island's premium, luxury retreat. Gently melding modern design into glorious

  • Ocean View Apartments
    Ocean View Apartments

    Ocean View Apartments are ideally situated off the main road but close to island facilities,

  • Milky Way Villas
    Milky Way Villas

    Milky Way occupies the prime island location, nestled in the middle of a palm and

  • Pandanus Lodge
    Pandanus Lodge

    Surrounded by a canopy of huge Banyan trees and Kentia palms, Pandanus Lodge has an

  • Somerset Apartments
    Somerset Apartments

    Somerset is the perfect location for those wanting to enjoy and explore the natural attractions

  • Pinetrees Lord Howe Island
    Pinetrees Lord Howe Island

    Pinetrees Lodge is the perfect place to relax and escape the stress of everyday life.

  • Mary Challis Cottages
    Mary Challis Cottages

    Make the most of your holiday on Lord Howe by enjoying the hospitality at Mary

Lord Howe Island Australia

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