• No visit to Corner Country is complete with visiting and exploring Milparinka. it was here that the Maliangaapa people lived alongside a beautiful treelined waterhole, it was here that Sturt's expedition first camped in 1845, and it was here that the first town was proclaimed in the far north west of New South Wales to service the Albert Goldfields. Whilst an early European population lived huddled in huts and tents, by the mid-1880s the town boasted a police office, newspaper, chemist, blacksmith, photographer, two butchers, four hotels, a school, a hospital and a general store. But by the mid-1920s the

  • Theldarpa Stationstay
    Theldarpa Stationstay

    Theldarpa is a sheep and cattle station with a wonderfully diverse landscape. Broad gibber plains,

  • Pincally Station
    Pincally Station

    Pincally Station is a family owned and operated sheep/cattle property 270 kilometres north of Broken

  • Pimpara Lake Stationstay
    Pimpara Lake Stationstay

    Pimpara Lake Station is a 44,000 hectare sheep and cattle property located west of the

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