• Nimbin is a village located 30 kilometres North of Lismore next to the World Heritage listed rainforest, Nightcap National Park. Nimbin was a sleepy dairy town until 1973 when it became the focus of national attention for its famous Aquarius Festival. Nimbin is a community renowned for its imaginative thinking, stunning scenery and alternative lifestyle. Highlights of Nimbin include the Colourful Candle Factory which is where Nimbin Candles are made using only renewable energy. The HEMP Embassy is a must see, as is the wonderful local Nimbin Artists Gallery. The Djanbung Permaculture Gardens are a hub of ideas and innovation

  • Djanbung Permaculture Gardens
    Djanbung Permaculture Gardens

    Djanbung Permaculture Gardens is a superb example of earth wise living. Djanbung Gardens is dedicated

  • Nimbin Candle Factory
    Nimbin Candle Factory

    Nimbin Candles derived from the need to supply a non-toxic, slow burning, smokeless candle, which

  • Nimbin Rocks
    Nimbin Rocks

    The Nimbin Rocks are volcanic extrusions of Rhyolite left over from the Mount Warning Tweed

  • Nimbin Museum
    Nimbin Museum

    A visit to the Nimbin Museum and the real Spirit of Aquarius - is definitely

  • Nimbin Artists Gallery
    Nimbin Artists Gallery

    Nimbin Artists Gallery supports local artists by showing and selling their work and giving them

  • Nimbin Craft Gallery
    Nimbin Craft Gallery

    The Nimbin Craft Gallery has specialised in quality locally made art and craft for more

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