• It's time to taste a real potato and 'the green heart of the Highlands' is just the place to find locally grown Robo Spuds. Its rich red fertile soil provides an abundance of rural farmland and a green hue through its hills and dales. Famous as the town were the film Babe was made. Situated at the top of Macquarie Pass amid rolling green hills, Robertson is 128 kilometres south of Sydney and a favourite stop for travellers making a loop drive through the Southern Highlands and Illawarra. Robertson and its environs have several retreats and bed and breakfasts, many

  • Lloran Log Cabins
    Lloran Log Cabins

    Lloran Log Cabins is situated in an idyllic highland setting at peaceful Robertson, with views

  • Fountaindale Grand Manor
    Fountaindale Grand Manor

    Fountaindale Grand Manor has been a Southern Highlands icon since the 1920s when the impressive

  • Lyndon May
    Lyndon May

    Lyndon-May is well appointed and within walking distance to the village of Robertson. On the

  • Robertson Country Motel
    Robertson Country Motel

    This budget style Motel, centrally located in Robertson, has six rooms available, five with queen

Robertson Australia

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