• Stonehenge may not resemble its namesake in the United Kingdom, nevertheless this Outback Queensland town is something like a sentinel. It is one of only three areas chosen by the Defence Department as site for the Over the Horizon radar initiative. Though a long way from the ocean this system actually guards the coastline. The name Stonehenge does not come from standing stones, rather the remains of a stone fortress built for the bullock drivers when they stayed overnight. The main industries around Stonehenge are sheep and cattle grazing. Stonehenge is ideally suited for bird watching enthusiasts, with the Thomson

  • John Egan Pioneer Track
    John Egan Pioneer Track

    The John Egan Pioneer Track highlights the ecological and cultural values of the Stonehenge town

  • Balancing Rock
    Balancing Rock

    The Glen Innes District is renowned for its unique rock formations, one of the most

  • Stonehenge Caravan Park
    Stonehenge Caravan Park

    The Stonehenge Caravan Park is centrally located in Stonehenge diagonally across from the hotel, the

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