Trunkey Creek

  • Trunkey Creek was proclaimed the village of ‘Arthur’ in 1873, and retained that name until 1988 when it was changed to ‘Trunkey’. Today Trunkey Creek is a rustic rural village and with only 100 residents remaining in the modest village, it is large in character with many reminders of the exciting days of the gold rush era. If you are visiting Trunkey Creek, take the time to explore the Golden Age Hotel built in 1869, the Police Station and Courthouse built in the 1870s, and the old general store built in 1879. The Trunkey Creek Show is a wool festival,

  • Abercrombie Caves
    Abercrombie Caves

    The entrance to the Abercrombie Caves is through the majestic Archway. Solid masses of marble

Trunkey Creek Australia

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