Melville Island

  • Melville Island, along with nearby Bathurst Island, is part of the Tiwi Islands, about 80 kilometres to the north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea. Melville Island is Australia’s second largest island after Tasmania. Melville Island isn’t open to the public for general tourism, but can be visited on an organised tour or fishing charter. Melville Island was first sighted by Abel Tasman in 1644 on his way from Batavia. In 1818 Phillip Parker King explored the island (he named it after Viscount Melville) and was surprised to discover that the local Aboriginal people knew some Portuguese words. He deduced

  • Jilamara Arts and Crafts
    Jilamara Arts and Crafts

    Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association located in Milikapiti on Melville Island, has grown into a

  • Munupi Art Centre
    Munupi Art Centre

    The unique cultural traditions of Tiwi life and culture are celebrated by the artists of

Melville Island Australia

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