West Macdonnell Ranges

  • Running due west from Alice Springs, the West MacDonnell Ranges contain a variety of impressing and interesting geological features and landscapes. Simpsons Gap is a dramatic cleft in the range through which a dry white sand riverbed fringed with river red gums winds. Standley Chasm with its vertical red walls that glow in the midday sun gives the impression of some sort of giant fracture in the rock. It contains permanent springs and unusual plant life and is a pleasant excursion on its own. Ellery Creek Big Hole is a large permanent waterhole nestled in the ranges that is a

  • Serpentine Chalet Dam
    Serpentine Chalet Dam

    Serpentine Chalet Dam is part of the ruins of an early tourism venture that was

  • Mulga Camp
    Mulga Camp

    Mulga Camp is located along Section 2 of the Larapinta Trail, a 223 kilometres walking

  • Rocky Gully
    Rocky Gully

    Rocky Gully is a great spot to make a stop and set up camp along

  • Rocky Bar Gap
    Rocky Bar Gap

    Rocky Bar Gap is a shady spot favoured by walkers of the Larapinta Trail. Located

  • Mt Sonder
    Mt Sonder

    Mt Sonder is the highest point in the West MacDonnell Ranges. It marks the western

  • Wallaby Gap
    Wallaby Gap

    Wallaby Gap is a sandy creek bed shaded by walls of red rock in the

West Macdonnell Ranges Australia

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