• Possibly outback Queensland's most renowned and remote town, the name Birdsville prompts thoughts of pioneering history and outback adventure in the 'back of beyond'. Once a toll point for stock crossing the Queensland and South Australian border, Birdsville had a pre-federation population of over 300. With federation came the town's decline into a town supporting pastoralists on surrounding cattle stations until tourism increased and the lure of the treacherous Simpson Desert and legendary Birdsville Track began to attract four-wheel-drivers in droves. These days, Birdsville is a thriving community of 115 people with a pub, bakery, caravan park, two service stations

  • Frontier Australia Inland Mission Hospital
    Frontier Australia Inland Mission Hospital

    The Frontier Australia Inland Mission Hospital began as the Australia Inland Mission setting up a

  • Simpson Desert National Park
    Simpson Desert National Park

    Spanning 1,012,000 hectares in the arid outback, this is Queensland’s largest protected area. Parallel wind-blown

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    Standing at 30 metres in height, this awesome sand dune, Big Red, provides a challenge

  • Waddi Trees
    Waddi Trees

    One of Australia’s rarest plants, the Waddi Trees (Acacia puece) have spiky, needle-like leaves and

  • Pelican Point
    Pelican Point

    Located just out of town in a branch of the Diamantina River near Birdsville, is

  • Deon's Lookout
    Deon's Lookout

    Have your camera ready when you arrive at Deon's Lookout. You will love the spectacular

  • Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre
    Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre

    The Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre is situated in the heart of the iconic outback town

  • Birdsville Cemetery
    Birdsville Cemetery

    Visitors are welcome to take a stroll around the historic cemetery in Birdsville, situated in

  • Birdsville Track
    Birdsville Track

    An Australian Outback Adventure, the well maintained, unsealed track links Birdsville in Queensland's south-west to

  • Burke and Wills Tree
    Burke and Wills Tree

    The Burke and Wills Tree at Birdsville was marked as part of the Burke and

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