• Whether you drive, fly, train, walk or ride as you arrive in Bundaberg, you can't help but notice rolling rich red soil, rows of sugarcane, macadamias and criss-cross grids of Australia's food bowl that greet you in every which way. Bundaberg city is most fondly associated with rum of the same name and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks which are exported to the world, but a visit to this turtle town will leave much more than just a sweet sensation on the tip of your tongue. If tours are right up your alley, there are several options - the Bundaberg Rum factory,

  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
    Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

    The Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) is a large multi-purpose visual arts facility located in

  • Lady Musgrave Island Dive Sites
    Lady Musgrave Island Dive Sites

    Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef is accessible from either Bundaberg or the

  • Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
    Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

    The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre (MEC) is the cultural heart of the Bundaberg region. Boasting an

  • Mon Repos Regional Park
    Mon Repos Regional Park

    Mon Repos Regional Park, a quiet coastal oasis near Bundaberg, is special! The beach supports

  • Cafe 1928
    Cafe 1928

    Serving tasty light lunches and great coffee in the lush surrounds of the Bundaberg Botanic

  • Hinkler Hall of Aviation
    Hinkler Hall of Aviation

    Come and be amazed by the awe inspiring, dynamic and unique structure of soaring glass

  • Sunset Track
    Sunset Track

    Part of a string of wetland remnants in the Bundaberg area, Baldwin Swamp Conservation Park

  • The Bundaberg Barrel
    The Bundaberg Barrel

    Next time you're in the Bundaberg area, add a little interest to your trip with

  • Kinkuna Section
    Kinkuna Section

    Kinkuna section of Burrum Coast National Park preserves a wilderness area of coastal vegetation and

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