Cape Hillsborough

  • Where the rainforest meets rocky volcanic headlands, Cape Hillsborough National Park teems with an abundance of natural beauty. The rugged scenery, picturesque walking tracks and native wildlife are what make this destination a must to be explored. Cape Hillsborough is most famous for being the focal point for an iconic Australian scene, wallabies at the beach during sunrise. The morning sunrise at Casuarina Beach is an unforgettable Australian experience. Watch the sun rise from behind the Coral Sea and its tropical islands, while wallabies bound along the sand and feast along the water's edge. Explore nearby walking tracks to view

  • Hibiscus Coast
    Hibiscus Coast

    Waking to greet the spectacular ocean sunrise is the best way to become truly immersed

  • Smalleys Beach
    Smalleys Beach

    Smalleys Beach is situated approximately 35 kilometres north of Mackay and is part of the

  • Yuibera Yuwi Trail
    Yuibera Yuwi Trail

    Rock-strewn, sandy beaches and hoop pine-dotted hillsides that plunge towards the sea contrast with sub-tropical

  • Diversity Boardwalk
    Diversity Boardwalk

    This track meanders through melaleuca woodland, a mangrove community, open eucalypt forest and vine thicket.

  • Cape Hillsborough National Park
    Cape Hillsborough National Park

    At Cape Hillsborough National Park, rainforest literally meets the waters of the Great Barrier Reef,

Cape Hillsborough Australia

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