• If you think of the quintessential country town streetscape you've got Clifton in mind. Dating back to 1875, this classic little town 45 minutes' drive south of Toowoomba (about half way to Warwick) has been used in a number of Australian movies including 'The Thornbirds'. Set on the wide fertile plains of the Darling Downs, the town began as Clifton Station, running cattle in 1840, the first year of the downs' settlement. Wheat was grown for many years and nowadays it's an agriculturally diverse producer of cattle, cereal crops, sunflowers and honey. The Clifton and District Historical Museum, located in

  • Darling Downs Zoo
    Darling Downs Zoo

    The Darling Downs Zoo is situated in a beautiful rural setting on the eastern Downs

  • Clifton Historical Museum
    Clifton Historical Museum

    The Clifton Historical Museum is a worthy tribute to the district's pioneering past. Housed in

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