Fraser Island

  • Visit Fraser Island to be dwarfed by the ancient, gravity defying rainforests growing out of only sand and to explore the freshwater lakes and spectacular sand formations of one of the most incredible islands on earth. World Heritage-listed Fraser Island has the absolute best that one island can offer - cool towering rainforests to walk through; over 100 freshwater lakes to swim including the iconic Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby, huge sand blows to climb, and an amazing 120 kilometre beach highway, complete with the Maheno shipwreck and cliffs of stunning coloured sands. Lying off the coast of Hervey Bay

  • Central Station
    Central Station

    Originally established as a forestry camp when there was logging on Fraser Island, Central Station's

  • Basin Lake Track
    Basin Lake Track

    No visit to Fraser Island is complete without visiting Central Station, which was the centre

  • Maheno Shipwreck
    Maheno Shipwreck

    The Maheno, the most famous of the Fraser Island wrecks, was driven ashore just north

  • Lake Wabby
    Lake Wabby

    Lake Wabby is relatively close to the ocean side of Fraser Island and unlike the

  • Lake Wabby Track
    Lake Wabby Track

    The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is an area of remarkable natural beauty. It

  • Fraser Island Great Walk
    Fraser Island Great Walk

    The stunning Fraser Island World Heritage Area is the setting for the Fraser Island Great

  • Eli Creek
    Eli Creek

    Eli Creek, the largest creek on the eastern beach of Fraser Island, pours up to

  • The Cathedrals
    The Cathedrals

    The Cathedrals on Fraser Island are coloured sand cliffs that have been sculpted by the

  • Lake McKenzie
    Lake McKenzie

    There are many different aspects to Fraser Island, but the awe-inspiring beauty of Lake McKenzie

  • Rainbow Gorge - Kirra Sandblow Circuit
    Rainbow Gorge - Kirra Sandblow Circuit

    Walk through low coastal scrub and sheltered cypress forest to the coloured sands at Rainbow

Fraser Island Australia

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