• Kynuna was established in the 1860s and in its early days boasted three hotels. It was a staging post for Cobb and Co Coaches. Today Kynuna has just one hotel, the famous Blue Heeler Hotel. Kynuna is most famous for its links with Banjo Paterson and the ''Waltzing Matilda'' poem. Folklore has it that Bob MacPherson (owner of Dagworth Station) told Banjo the story of the suicide of Samuel Hoffmeister beside the Combo Waterhole, 13 kilometres upstream of the Diamantina River, in September 1894. Hoffmeister had reportedly been one of the striking shearers involved in the burning down of the

  • Combo Conservation Park
    Combo Conservation Park

    Combo Conservation Park protects a string of semi-permanent waterholes along the Diamantina River in Queensland’s

  • Combo Waterhole Trail
    Combo Waterhole Trail

    Combo’s waterholes reputedly inspired Banjo Paterson to write Waltzing Matilda, Australia’s most popular folk song.

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