• Lytton, near the mouth of the Brisbane River and Port of Brisbane, is one of the most historically significant areas of Brisbane. The suburb is home to Fort Lytton, built as a first line naval defence between 1880 and 1881. Constructed more than 30 years before the outbreak of World War One, Fort Lytton's role was to protect the city and its shipping routes from naval invasion. One of the most well preserved forts of its kind in Australia, Fort Lytton is encircled by a water-filled moat, and is concealed behind large grassy ramparts. Hidden underground passages secretly connect different

  • Fort Lytton
    Fort Lytton

    Fort Lytton is an important historic site, built in 1881 and used for the defence

  • Fort Lytton National Park
    Fort Lytton National Park

    Fort Lytton National Park protects the birthplace of Queensland's military history. From 1881 to 1945

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