• Lamberts Beach
    Lamberts Beach

    Lamberts Beach is seasonally patrolled and the nearby Lambert's Lookout offers fabulous sea views out

  • Grasstree Beach
    Grasstree Beach

    Grasstree Beach is one of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches in the Mackay Region,

  • Bluewater Lagoon
    Bluewater Lagoon

    Enjoy a refreshing swim at Mackay City's Bluewater Lagoon, the fun of the beach within

  • Ball Bay
    Ball Bay

    The picturesque beach settlement of Ball Bay is located 35 kilometres north of Mackay. Ball

  • Mackay Marina Village and Shipyard
    Mackay Marina Village and Shipyard

    Mackay's magnificent world-class Marina Village has a tropical ambience, with leafy palms lining the waterfront

  • Smalleys Beach
    Smalleys Beach

    Smalleys Beach is situated approximately 35 kilometres north of Mackay and is part of the

  • Heritage Walk
    Heritage Walk

    The prosperity and pioneering heritage of Mackay is reflected within the Central Business District, a

  • Mackay Northern Beaches Bowls Club
    Mackay Northern Beaches Bowls Club

    Mackay Northern Beaches Bowls Club’s restaurant and three dining areas offer a unique blend of

  • Illawong Beach
    Illawong Beach

    A serene and peaceful coastline awaits at Illawong Beach. Kilometres of sandy shoreline as well

  • Foodspace

    Located within Artspace Mackay, Foodspace Café ensures a relaxing dining experience starting with that welcoming

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