• Situated in a delightful valley with spectacular Mount Zamia and Virgin Rock overlooking the town, Springsure is located 66 kilometres south of Emerald on the Gregory Highway section of the Great Inland Way. If you hadn't already guessed, the town was given its name thanks to the springs located in the creek and gullies at the time of settlement. There are a number of historical sites in this town including the Staircase Range Cutting, built by Chinese immigrants in 1905 to pay tribute to the many early wagon teams that stopped in Springsure overnight on their way from Rockhampton to

  • Spyglass Peak
    Spyglass Peak

    Spring-fed Nogoa River and Louisa Creek wind through a picturesque broad valley beneath craggy sandstone

  • Virgin Rock
    Virgin Rock

    Virgin Rock, which is situated four kilometres from Springsure is on the eastern side of

  • Ka Ka Mundi, Carnarvon National Park
    Ka Ka Mundi, Carnarvon National Park

    Ka Ka Mundi, Carnarvon National Park, has more than 30 kilometres of sandstone escarpments and

  • Minerva Hills National Park
    Minerva Hills National Park

    A relatively small National Park near Springsure in Central Queensland, Minerva Hills is dominated by

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