• UQ Physics Museum
    UQ Physics Museum

    The Museum was established in 1988 to display scientific instruments and devices dating back to

  • UQ Antiquities Museum
    UQ Antiquities Museum

    The UQ Antiquities Museum has on display a broad range of ancient artefacts stemming from

  • UQ Fryer Library
    UQ Fryer Library

    The Fryer Library is the branch of The university of Queensland Library responsible for special

  • UQ Art Museum
    UQ Art Museum

    The University of Queensland (UQ) was one of the first universities in Australia to acquire

  • UQ Anthropology Museum
    UQ Anthropology Museum

    The University of Queensland Anthropology Museum celebrates the culture, arts and crafts of the indigenous

  • The University of Queensland
    The University of Queensland

    The University of Queensland (UQ) is a public university located in state of Queensland of

  • Hillstone St Lucia
    Hillstone St Lucia

    One of Brisbane's largest venues, Hillstone St Lucia offers absolute flexibility in catering for all

  • University Stays
    University Stays

    University Stays offers comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation in Colleges within the University of Queensland's

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