Black Point

  • Black Point boasts one of the most gorgeous stretches of coastline anywhere in South Australia. Traditional weekend 'shacks' were the first to find this little piece of heaven and now sit alongside some stunning new beach houses that line the bay. With no roads in between, the only thing between you and the water is the white sandy beach. The point juts into the water creating a safe beach with no rips, making it a popular destination for families and holiday makers. Black Point offers a relaxing lifestyle revolving around fishing, swimming, sailing, boating, crabbing and beach activities. Black Point

  • Aegean

    Aegean is situated in a prime beachfront position at Black Point and can cater for

  • Top Deck
    Top Deck

    If you have a taste for the finer things in life, then Top Deck at

  • The Waterfront Dolphin
    The Waterfront Dolphin

    The Waterfront Dolphin is a great executive beachfront getaway for a large group at Black

  • Alannebay

    Alannebay is situated on the cliff top at the turn-off to Black Point. Overlooking St

  • The Waterfront Starfish
    The Waterfront Starfish

    The Waterfront Starfish is one of the finest properties available on the pristine shores of

  • Allure Holidays
    Allure Holidays

    Allure Holidays in Black Point is an absolute treat. It is the first house on

  • Amigoes

    Amigoes is an absolute beachfront holiday house at Black Point. Simply step off the front

  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape

    The Great Escape is situated on the other side of the road at Black Point;

  • Shack 17
    Shack 17

    Still one of the original Black Point 'shacks', it has been renovated to include everything

  • Beyond The Point
    Beyond The Point

    Beyond the Point is located at Black Point approximately halfway between Ardrossan and Port Vincent.

Black Point Australia

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