• If you like rich, colourful wines, you'll love Coonawarra. Coonawarra is the Limestone Coast's main wine region. Often called Australia's "other red centre", its premium red wines have won many awards. Its Cabernet Sauvignon is internationally renowned and its Shiraz isn't far behind. The region's terra rossa soil (red soil found on limestone) is perfect for grape growing. Coonawarra is a small region, only 20 kilometres long and two kilometres wide. Despite this, it is home to more than 24 cellar doors. They're close together and well signposted, so you'll find them easily. What would later become Wynns Coonawarra Estate

  • Hollick Winery And Restaurant
    Hollick Winery And Restaurant

    Hollick Winery and Restaurant is located at Coonawarra. The Hollick family welcomes visitors to its

  • Parker Coonawarra Estate
    Parker Coonawarra Estate

    Parker Coonawarra Estates have achieved an unmatched reputation both within Australia and overseas where fine

  • Punters Corner Wines
    Punters Corner Wines

    As well as sampling their current range of wines, visitors to the Cellar Door at

  • DiGiorgio Family Wines
    DiGiorgio Family Wines

    The DiGiorgio Family has left no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence in viticulture

  • Rymill Coonawarra
    Rymill Coonawarra

    Visitors are welcomed to Rymill Coonawarra by two majestic bronze stallions rampant to the Rymill

  • Penley Estate
    Penley Estate

    Penley Estate was established in 1988 by Kym Tolley a direct descendant of two pioneer

  • Bowen Estate
    Bowen Estate

    Bowen Estate is owned and run by the Bowen family. Established in 1972, the first

  • Yalumba Coonawarra Estate "The Menzies" Wine Room
    Yalumba Coonawarra Estate "The Menzies" Wine Room

    Yalumba's commitment to Coonawarra was confirmed in March 2002 when The Menzies Wine Room and

  • Katnook Estate
    Katnook Estate

    Katnook Estate is one of the most esteemed domains in Australia's premier red wine district,

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