• The Riverland town of Waikerie offers one of the longest stretches of accessible riverbank in South Australia. The width of this stretch of the Murray River makes it popular for thrilling water sports, fishing, and relaxing houseboats. Waikerie is surrounded by more than a million fruit trees, making it the centre of the citrus and fruit industry in South Australia. Enjoy the town's 18-hole, bunkerless golf course. Take a joy flight with the Waikerie Gliding Club. Ride the ferry crossing or take the 2 kilometre clifftop walk from the ferry for spectacular views of the Murray River. Drop in to

  • Orange Tree Giftmania
    Orange Tree Giftmania

    Orange Tree Giftmania stocks the best local dried fruits plus an extensive range of confectionery

  • Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve
    Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve

    Gluepot Reserve is a birdwatcher's paradise. Black-Eared Miners, Red-Lored Whistlers and Malleefowl are among the

  • Waikerie Gliding Club
    Waikerie Gliding Club

    Waikerie is world renowned for the fantastic soaring conditions which prevail over a generally long,

  • Rain Moth Gallery
    Rain Moth Gallery

    The Rain Moth Gallery shop has a wide range of art and craft for sale

  • Riverglen View Art Studio and Gallery
    Riverglen View Art Studio and Gallery

    Riverglen View Art Studio and Gallery is located just off the Sturt Highway, between Kingston-On-Murray

  • Havenhand Chocolates
    Havenhand Chocolates

    To tempt your indulgence and with a passion for the quality of local Riverland fruit

  • Mirabella Vineyards
    Mirabella Vineyards

    Mirabella Vineyards encompasses five generations of family tradition. The Travaglione Family has encompassed everything from

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