• Derby is a small riverside town north-east of Launceston. This classified historic town is surrounded by mountains, rainforests and old tin mines. Once a booming mining settlement, Derby still has the feel of a pioneer town with quaint shops selling antiques, second hand books and modern crafts. It's also becoming a centre for world-class mountain biking. In the late 1800s it was a booming mining settlement and the Derby Tin Mine Centre tells of the town's early days when it was the setting for an epic tin rush that saw thousands of miners flock to the area. Discover for yourself

  • SS Colac
    SS Colac

    Remains of the shipwrecked SS Colac can be seen on display in the North West

  • Dimond Gorge
    Dimond Gorge

    Rugged and remote Dimond Gorge sits amidst the Kimberley outback near Mornington Wilderness Camp. Here,

  • Joonjoo Botanical Trail
    Joonjoo Botanical Trail

    The Joonjoo Botanical Trail provides an excellent opportunity to view a wide diversity of flora

  • Painted Art Cafe
    Painted Art Cafe

    The Painted Art Cafe in north east Tasmania's historic town of Derby combines three of

  • Bell Gorge
    Bell Gorge

    Beautiful Bell Gorge, with its stunning waterfall, bushwalking and bird watching, lies within the Kimberley’s

  • Horizontal Waterfalls
    Horizontal Waterfalls

    There are only two horizontal waterfalls on Earth and you can look wide-eyed and open-mouthed

  • Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre
    Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre

    The Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre is located in Derby, North East Tasmania. A billion litres

  • Buccaneer Archipelago
    Buccaneer Archipelago

    More than 1,000 tiny islands make up the Buccaneer Archipelago, a cruising and fishing paradise

  • Wharfinger's House Museum
    Wharfinger's House Museum

    Enjoy learning about Derby’s fascinating history with a visit to the Wharfinger’s House Museum. Exhibits

  • King Leopold Range National Park
    King Leopold Range National Park

    See stunning gorges and camp out under the stars at King Leopold Range National Park

  • Cobbler's Accommodation
    Cobbler's Accommodation

    Cobbler’s Accommodation is a two-bedroom self-contained miner’s cottage at Derby in Tasmania’s north-east. Enjoy views

  • Mornington Wilderness Camp
    Mornington Wilderness Camp

    Located in the heart of the Kimberley, Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, owned and managed by the

  • Time Out Retreat
    Time Out Retreat

    Time Out Retreat is a self-contained, wheelchair friendly chalet in Derby, North East Tasmania. There

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