Flinders Island

  • Flinders Island lies 60 km off the north-east tip of Tasmania and has dramatic and varied landscapes - from the pink and grey granite cliffs of Strzelecki and Killiecrankie to the gentle, green farmland that rolls through the northern part of the island. The island has prolific birdlife and wildlife that increases each year when thousands of migratory birds stop to rest at the island's eastern lagoons and inlets on their long flights north to the Arctic Circle. The island's dense coastal scrub also provides shelter for wallabies and wombats. Flinders is an island of friendly locals - take a

  • Furneaux Museum
    Furneaux Museum

    The Furneaux Museum on Flinders Island showcases the history of the Furneaux Group of Islands.

  • Vistas on Trousers Point
    Vistas on Trousers Point

    Healing Dreams Retreat offers health and wellbeing treatments, meditation workshops and massage on Flinders Island.

  • Palana Beach Haven
    Palana Beach Haven

    Palana Beach Haven on Flinders Island offers you uninterrupted views of the sea and beach.

  • Lisas Cottage
    Lisas Cottage

    Peaceful tranquillity, no traffic, clean fresh air and green fields surround this cottage set in

  • Castle Cottage
    Castle Cottage

    Castle Cottage is located on Port Davies Road, Emita. Castle Cottage is a fully self

  • Palana Retreat
    Palana Retreat

    Palana Retreat is Flinders Island's northern-most luxury accommodation offering modern two-storey accommodation with superb views.

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