• Take an hour's drive north from Mount Magnet to experience Cue and its fascinating history. The scene of a huge gold rush during the late 1890s, this area is a tribute to the past. Many magnificent buildings constructed at the turn of the century still stand and are classified by the National Trust. The gentleman's club (now the shire office), the Cue Hotel, the government buildings, post office, court house, and police station are still being used for their original purpose, as is Bell's Emporium, a shop from yesteryear still run in the old style. From the ruins of once-splendid

  • Big Bell Ghost Town
    Big Bell Ghost Town

    Big Bell Ghost Town, near Cue, was once a hive of activity when the Big

  • Walga Rock
    Walga Rock

    Walga Rock is a huge monolith, where you can see the largest gallery of Aboriginal

  • The Rotunda
    The Rotunda

    The beautiful Rotunda in Cue was constructed as a commemoration to the pioneers of the

  • Old Gentleman's Club
    Old Gentleman's Club

    The Old Gentlemen’s Club is one of many elaborate buildings worth visiting in the charming

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