• Hyden is situated 340 kilometres east of Perth. More than 130,000 tourists visit the town every year on their way to the famous Wave Rock. Wave Rock is just four kilometres east of Hyden on a nature reserve of some 160 hectares. The Rock is a granite cliff, 15 metres high and 110 long, shaped remarkably like a huge wave. Geologists believe the original granite formation has been sculptured and coloured by weather, water and chemical erosion over 2.7 billion years to take on its wave like character. Other natural attractions in the area include Hippo's Yawn and Mulka's Cave.

  • Wave Rock
    Wave Rock

    One of Australia's biggest waves is also the furthest from any ocean - Wave Rock

  • Mulka's Cave
    Mulka's Cave

    Mulka's Cave is located within the vicinity of Wave Rock in Hyden Western Australia. The

  • The Lace Place
    The Lace Place

    An extensive lace collection dating back to the 1600s can be found at The Lace

  • Hippo's Yawn
    Hippo's Yawn

    Hippo's Yawn is a little known rock near Wave Rock in Hyden. The rocks resemblance

  • Wave Rock Motel
    Wave Rock Motel

    Wave Rock Motel offers 57 well appointed units and three luxurious executive units with luxury

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