• Hawk's Head Lookout
    Hawk's Head Lookout

    Hawk's Head Lookout is a spectacular vantage point located within the Kalbarri National Park. It

  • Red Bluff
    Red Bluff

    The dramatic coastal cliffs of Kalbarri's Red Bluff offer amazing views over the ocean -

  • Kalbarri Wildflower Centre
    Kalbarri Wildflower Centre

    The Kalbarri Wildflower Centre presents the opportunity to view a spectacular display of West Australian

  • Pot Alley
    Pot Alley

    Pot Alley is a picturesque ocean gorge in Kalbarri National Park, boasting spectacular ocean scenery

  • Jakes Point
    Jakes Point

    Kalbarri is home to the iconic left-hander called Jakes Point, recognised as a National Surfing

  • Zuytdorp Wreck
    Zuytdorp Wreck

    Lying on the ocean bed just below the spectacular Zuytdorp Cliffs is the 17th century

  • Chinaman's Beach
    Chinaman's Beach

    The tranquil setting of Chinaman’s Beach on the Murchison River in the heart of Kalbarri,

  • Loop Walk, Kalbarri National Park
    Loop Walk, Kalbarri National Park

    The Loop Walk Top Trail highlights the erosive power of the Murchison River which has

  • Blue Holes
    Blue Holes

    Renowned for exceptional snorkelling, Blue Holes is located just south of Kalbarri in the state’s

  • Murchison River
    Murchison River

    The mighty Murchison River in Kalbarri National Park is one of the best spots for

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