• Get ready for a heady trip to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia’s largest goldfields town famed for its fascinating gold rush history, fabulous old buildings and old gold miners’ ghost towns. ‘Kal’ was born amid the 1880s gold rush when thousands of starry-eyed prospectors made the 700 kilometre journey east of Perth seeking their fortunes. Vibrant Hannan Street (named after Irishman Paddy Hannan who struck gold in 1893) is lined with pubs, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. There’s the Hannan railway station, the Hannan hotel where you can drink a pint of Hannan lager. Kalgoorlie is still an active mining town and the

  • Kalgoorlie Post Office
    Kalgoorlie Post Office

    The Kalgoorlie Post Office was completed in 1899, in response to the rapid development of

  • Broad Arrow
    Broad Arrow

    Broad Arrow is a ''Ghost Town’ located 38 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie on the road

  • Goldfields War Museum
    Goldfields War Museum

    A visit to the Goldfields War Museum will be an enriching experience for anyone with

  • Boulder Market Day
    Boulder Market Day

    The Boulder Market Day offers a fabulous day out on the third Sunday of every

  • Gribble Creek Walk and Cycle Way
    Gribble Creek Walk and Cycle Way

    The Gribble Creek Walk and Cycle Way provides a well planned route which you can

  • Two-Up School
    Two-Up School

    Experience the aura of excitement surrounding the much cherished game of Two-Up by visiting the

  • St Mary's Church
    St Mary's Church

    The magnificent St Mary’s Church in Kalgoorlie is a heritage listed federation-gothic style church, which

  • Hammond Park
    Hammond Park

    Hammond Park is a lush green oasis in the middle of the outback mining town

  • Boulder Town Hall
    Boulder Town Hall

    The Boulder Town Hall was built in 1908, and demonstrates the architectural style of the

  • St Barbara Square and Statue
    St Barbara Square and Statue

    St Barbara Square and Statue in the heart of Kalgoorlie is home to a beautiful

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