• PumpHouse Restaurant
    PumpHouse Restaurant

    The PumpHouse Restaurant is situated on the edge of the Ord River, in the booming

  • Black Rock Falls
    Black Rock Falls

    For a refreshing dip after wet season rain in a pristine Kimberley water hole visit

  • Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery
    Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

    Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery is one of the world’s largest aboriginal art galleries and is

  • Celebrity Tree Park
    Celebrity Tree Park

    Check out the celebrities who’ve visited the East Kimberley hub of Kununurra at Celebrity Tree

  • Kimberley Aerial Highway
    Kimberley Aerial Highway

    The Kimberley Aerial Highway is a network of airstrips located at remote communities, homesteads, national

  • The Spillway
    The Spillway

    Birdwatchers will be thrilled at the large selection of water birds that inhabit The Spillway,

  • Diversion Dam
    Diversion Dam

    Kununurra’s Diversion Dam is part of the Ord Irrigation Scheme designed to harness the massive

  • Lake Argyle
    Lake Argyle

    Cruise or fish the expansive, wildlife-rich waters of Lake Argyle, near Kununurra, the biggest manmade

  • Kimberley Fine Diamonds
    Kimberley Fine Diamonds

    Kimberley Fine Diamonds is an oasis in the rugged northwest Kimberley. A family owned and

  • Bandicoot Bar
    Bandicoot Bar

    Bandicoot Bar at the base of the Ord River Diversion Dam wall just outside Kununurra

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