• Morrell Memorial
    Morrell Memorial

    The Morrell Memorial commemorates the death of John Morrell in 1843. John Morrell’s memorial holds

  • Bernard Park
    Bernard Park

    Located along the banks of the Avon River in Northam, Bernard Park provides a picturesque

  • St Saviours Church Katrine
    St Saviours Church Katrine

    The historical St Saviours Church Katrine is a charming old stone building just outside of

  • White Swans
    White Swans

    A unique sight for Western Australia is the majestic White Swans that have discovered a

  • Morby Cottage
    Morby Cottage

    Morby Cottage is one of the oldest and best kept historical buildings in Northam. It

  • Old Railway Station Museum
    Old Railway Station Museum

    The Old Railway Station Museum offers an insight into the railway history of Northam and

  • Avon River
    Avon River

    The mighty Avon River is famous for hosting the international annual white water rafting event,

  • Suspension Bridge
    Suspension Bridge

    Stretching across the Avon River in Northam, the Suspension Bridge is one of the longest

  • St Johns Church
    St Johns Church

    St Johns Church in Northam is a picturesque Gothic style historical church built at the

  • Northam Town Hall
    Northam Town Hall

    Walking through the streets of Northam, you’re eyes will be drawn to the magnificent historical

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