• Located a three and a half hour drive east of Perth is the historic town of Nungarin. Nungarin was a depot for Australian army personnel from 1944 to 1960. McCorry's Hotel and adjoining blacksmith's building was built in 1911 and also offers quality accommodation. Be sure to visit the Nungarin Heritage Machinery and Army Museum. Tenth Light Horse military armoured vehicles and many items that support an army in the field are displayed in Western Australia’s only remaining WWII Five Base Ordnance Depot. In addition to militaria, dolls and matchbox toys are featured and an outstanding agricultural equipment collection reflects

  • Mangowine Homestead
    Mangowine Homestead

    The Mangowine Homestead in Nungarin is a beautiful historic building, circa 1876. It is a

  • Talgomine Reserve
    Talgomine Reserve

    The colourful display of everlastings in Talgomine Reserve, just east of Nungarin, is a spectacular

Nungarin Australia

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