• An hour’s drive from Kununurra is the most northerly town and harbour of Western Australia, Wyndham. The entrance to the town is dominated by an 18 metre long, three metre high sculpture of a saltwater crocodile. As you'd expect, the town is known as the home of the 'big croc', a name which also reflects the number of crocodiles in the Cambridge Gulf and other waters in the area. The small frontier town was established in 1886 on the tidal banks of the Cambridge Gulf at the base of Mount Bastion. At the mount's summit, over 330 metres above sea

  • The Grotto
    The Grotto

    The Grotto is a magnificent gorge that provides a picturesque and safe swimming spot. The

  • Pentecost River
    Pentecost River

    The Pentecost River in the East Kimberley region is famed as one of the best

  • Crocodile Statue
    Crocodile Statue

    If you like ‘big’ town entry statements, you will love the giant Crocodile Statue in

  • Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve
    Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve

    For one of the best bird watching sites in Western Australia head to Parry Lagoons

  • Telegraph Hill
    Telegraph Hill

    Telegraph Hill offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the dramatic and rugged landscape on the outskirts

  • Three Mile Valley
    Three Mile Valley

    Three Mile Valley sits at the bottom of the Bastion Range which can be easily

  • Cockburn Range
    Cockburn Range

    You can see the majestic orange cliffs of Cockburn Range in the East Kimberley on

  • Marglu Billabong
    Marglu Billabong

    Bird watchers will delight in the abundance of wild bird species to be found at

  • King Cascade
    King Cascade

    The beautiful terraced waterfall of the King Cascade is located on the Prince Regent River

  • Five Rivers Lookout
    Five Rivers Lookout

    See where five mighty Kimberley Rivers meet and flow into the ocean at Five Rivers

  • Diggers Rest Station
    Diggers Rest Station

    Digger's Rest Station offers outback hospitality in the midst of the magnificent Kimberley landscape. Come

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