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Mintaro is a beautiful drive, 11 kilometres north-east of Leasingham. Established in 1849, Mintaro is part of a State Heritage Area and an absolute must for visitors to the region.

Stroll through the old streets to appreciate the sort of village charm you might encounter in the English Cotswolds or Dales. It’s still very much a working region and has a definite Australian ruggedness. The people of Mintaro have maintained the bluestone buildings and the essence of rural village life. You’ll discover stone churches, cottage gardens, an antique shop (where CJ Dennis lived for most of his boyhood), a ruined flourmill and interesting cemeteries.

There are also several small vineyards, two cellar door outlets, the ‘Magpie & Stump’ historic pub, a hedge maze, a cosy restaurant, a waterwise classical garden, plus quaint bed and breakfast houses.

Many of the buildings feature Mintaro slate from the local quarry. This slate was famous around the world for providing the playing surfaces on billiard tables. It was used extensively in the finest houses of Adelaide, including Parliament House. It is still being used to pave the state capital. The quarry is still working.

Nearby, Martindale Hall is visited by some 25,000 people every year. An exercise in Georgian opulence, it was the country seat of Edmund Bowman, the son of a wealthy pastoralist. He had it built in 1880, complete with a cricket pitch (which hosted the English XI), a boating lake, a racecourse and a polo field. Film director, Peter Weir, used the hall – both its prim exterior and its Italianate interiors – for the ladies college in his 1975 film, ”Picnic at Hanging Rock”. Guests can stay overnight in the property and are encouraged to make use of its many antique fittings.

– Martindale Hall
– Mintaro Maze
– Timandra Garden
– Heritage Street Scape
– Cellar Doors

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