Capricorn Region

  • Virgin Rock
    Virgin Rock

    Virgin Rock, which is situated four kilometres from Springsure is on the eastern side of

  • Minerva Hills National Park
    Minerva Hills National Park

    A relatively small National Park near Springsure in Central Queensland, Minerva Hills is dominated by

  • Kershaw Gardens
    Kershaw Gardens

    Rockhampton''s Kershaw Gardens were officially opened in September 1988 as part of a project celebrating

  • Mojocreations Floating Gallery
    Mojocreations Floating Gallery

    A masterpiece in itself, this 46-foot catamaran moored at Keppel Bay Marina is currently showcasing

  • Mount Etna Caves National Park
    Mount Etna Caves National Park

    Mount Etna Caves National Park contains some of Australia's most cavernous limestone formations. Protected from

  • Bowenia Rainforest Circuit
    Bowenia Rainforest Circuit

    The coastal range rises from the southern and western part of Byfield State Forest while

  • Bluff Point Track
    Bluff Point Track

    Rocky outcrops along the Capricorn Coast were formed by volcanic eruptions about 130 million years

  • Peak Range Lookout - Capella
    Peak Range Lookout - Capella

    The distinctive Peak Range, a succession of gigantic conical and dome topped mountains north of

  • Alpha Murals
    Alpha Murals

    Alpha is branded the ‘Town of Murals’ due to the 27 colourful murals painted on

  • Freshwater Creek Track
    Freshwater Creek Track

    Byfield's parks and forests form the southern-most tip of one of the largest undeveloped regions

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