Australia's Golden Outback

  • Totadgin Dam Reserve
    Totadgin Dam Reserve

    Totadgin Dam Reserve offers a picturesque setting for a picnic and provides an ideal location

  • Albert Facey Heritage Trail
    Albert Facey Heritage Trail

    Anyone who has read Albert Facey’s autobiography ‘A Fortunate Life’ will be fascinated by the

  • Hunts Well
    Hunts Well

    Hunts Well is a historical site located a few kilometres south of Tammin. It was

  • Kalgoorlie Post Office
    Kalgoorlie Post Office

    The Kalgoorlie Post Office was completed in 1899, in response to the rapid development of

  • Mount Stirling
    Mount Stirling

    Mount Stirling is a giant granite outcrop which stands out imposingly amidst the central wheatbelt.

  • Great Ocean Pathway
    Great Ocean Pathway

    The Great Ocean Pathway meanders around the spectacular coastline of Esperance, on the south coast

  • Ethel Daw Scenic Drive
    Ethel Daw Scenic Drive

    The Ethel Daw Scenic Drive is a 30 kilometre heritage trail. Allow yourself one to

  • Stokes National Park
    Stokes National Park

    Stokes National Park covers an area of 10,667 hectares, excluding 16.19 hectares for preservation of

  • The Lace Place
    The Lace Place

    An extensive lace collection dating back to the 1600s can be found at The Lace

  • Roe Lookout
    Roe Lookout

    Roe Lookout provides a picturesque view across the town of Narembeen and the surrounding nature

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