Perth Region

  • Northam Town Hall
    Northam Town Hall

    Walking through the streets of Northam, you’re eyes will be drawn to the magnificent historical

  • St Johns Church
    St Johns Church

    St Johns Church in Northam is a picturesque Gothic style historical church built at the

  • Parakeet Bay
    Parakeet Bay

    Parakeet Bay, a secluded cove, located on the northern side of Rottnest Island, is the

  • Millbrook Winery
    Millbrook Winery

    Millbrook Winery is a boutique winery situated in the historic town of Jarrahdale, just 50

  • Indoor Kart Hire O'Connor
    Indoor Kart Hire O'Connor

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Formula One driver, sitting centimetres

  • Fremantle War Memorial
    Fremantle War Memorial

    The Fremantle War Memorial, located at Monument Hill in Fremantle, is surrounded by beautiful rose

  • Bathurst Lighthouse
    Bathurst Lighthouse

    Bathurst Lighthouse, on the northern edge of Rottnest Island, was built in 1900 to support

  • Stark Bay
    Stark Bay

    Some of the best surfing conditions in Western Australia are found around Rottnest Island. Stark

  • Fremantle Railway Station
    Fremantle Railway Station

    The Fremantle Railway Station is a memorable historical landmark for visitors to the renowned port

  • Old Gaol
    Old Gaol

    Explore the haunting past of the Old Gaol, Perth’s original prison that was constructed in

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