Upper Hunter Country

Upper Hunter Country is constantly changing: bronzed sandstone cliffs, mile-high mountains, primeval forests in hidden valleys, wombats and kangaroos, wedge-tail eagles soaring into the clear blue skies, parrots decked out in all the colours of the rainbow, tiny blue wrens playing follow-the-leader among the bushes, arrogant bearded dragons, as old as dinosaurs, sunning themselves on ancient windswept rock formations – vibrant rural towns and busy shopping centres, tiny villages and historic homesteads – these are just some of the sights you’ll see in Upper Hunter Country.<br>
Upper Hunter Country covers more than 18,000 square kilometres of National Parks, cattle country, vineyards, mountains and rich green river flats, capable of growing almost any crop, as well as supporting thousands of merino and cross bred sheep. The area is a vibrant mix of agriculture, international thoroughbred studs, world class wine production, coal mining, power generation, fine art and country life, a host of exciting events, olive groves, cowboys, country shows and rodeos. Bring the walking boots and fishing rods, caravan and camping gear. But most of all bring your worries and your woes and when you go home – you can leave them with us.<br>
The communities of Merriwa, Murrurundi, Muswellbrook and Scone invite you to experience the vitality of their history and heritage and sample the delights of Upper Hunter Country’s world famous wines and yummy country tucker.<br>
Welcome to Glorious UPPER HUNTER COUNTRY…once you’ve been to see us – You’ll be back!!
<p><i><strong>For more details of what to see and do in Upper Hunter Country contact:</strong></i>
<b><a href=”http://www.upperhuntercountry.com” target=”_blank”>www.upperhuntercountry.com</a></b>

<b>Denman Visitor Information Centre</strong></b>
Ph: (02) 65 47 2799
<a href=”http://www.visitdenman.com.au” target=”_blank”>www.visitdenman.com.au</a>

<b>Merriwa Visitor Information Centre</strong></b>
Ph: (02) 6548 2607

<b> Murrurundai Visitor Information Centre</strong></b>
Ph: (02) 6546 6205

<b>Muswellbrooki Visitor Information Centre</strong></b>
Ph: (02) 6541 4050
<a href=”http://www.muswellbrook.org.au ” target=”_blank”>www.muswellbrook.org.au </a>

<b>Scone Visitor Information Centre</strong></b>
Ph: (02) 6545 1526
<a href=”http://www.horsecapital.com.au ” target=”_blank”>www.horsecapital.com.au </a>

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